Sentence Examples

  • Strong feeling of racial antipathy to the Germans pervades the chronicle.
  • It pervades almost the whole of Europe, and in Asia reaches the river Ob.
  • To appreciate the significance of the doctrines of Heraclitus, it must be borne in mind that to Greek philosophy the sharp distinction between subject and object which pervades modern thought was foreign, a consideration which suggests the conclusion that, while it is a great mistake to reckon Heraclitus with the materialistic cosmologists of the Ionic schools, it is, on the other hand, going too far to treat his theory, with Hegel and Lassalle, as one of pure Panlogism.
  • 7); there o js yas 'IopShvns denotes the spirituallzing sanctifying fluid which pervades the world of light.
  • Far more serious blame attaches to his all but total suppression in the body of the work - and the fault pervades the whole of his writings - of the names of his predecessors and contemporaries.