Sentence Examples

  • Shakti Activewear: You can purchase clothing for women and men here, though the focus is on the former, as the website's name (a reference to the divine feminine principle) would imply.
  • If you follow the path of the Shakti, then you do not believe that tantra yoga is concerned with sexuality, but is instead all about transmitting energy into higher channels.
  • The Shakti follower believes that each person has both male and female aspects within, and tantric yoga will help to awaken these and combine then into a single life force.
  • The Shakti 2-strap Butterfly Top which provides adequate coverage and two straps hold it in place, even during the most rigorous practices.
  • The founder of "Yoga Shakti" created a dreamy, dance-like expression of Vinyasa Yoga that features both long flow and short flow sequences.