Sentence Examples

  • While it's true that Kobold is lesser-known than its famous and expensive counterparts, this timepiece manufacturer produces high-performance watches and occupies an important place in horology history.
  • Red Gold Soarway: Kobold took the regular Soarway Diver and classed it up a few notches by adding a sleek leather strap and housing its precision movement inside a glowing 18 karat red gold case.
  • To refine your horology education, visit the company's website and explore additional Kobold divers watch lines, company information, and technology timelines.
  • With their unique blend of worldwide-manufactured components and rugged construction, Kobold divers watch models are the ultimate in perfect precision.
  • Rather than using a Swiss movement, this watch features a new Kobold in-house caliber K2651 based on a vintage German design from the 1960s.