Sentence Examples

  • Koch subsequently improved the method.
  • Koch has suggested that the disinfection of malarial persons by quinine would have the desired effect, but other authorities of greater experience do not consider it practicable.
  • Karl Koch considered that cultivated pears were the descendants of three species - P. persica (from which the bergamots have descended), P. elaeagrifolia and P. sinensis.
  • Xiii., 1892; Koch, C., Die Arachniden (16 vols., Nuremberg, 1831-1848); Koch, Keyserling and Sorensen, Die Arachniden Australiens (Nuremberg, 1871-1890); Pocock, Arachnida of British India (London, 1900); Idem, " On African Arachnida," in Proc. Zool.
  • He married Elise Koch in June 1862, but the following month he had an attack of pleurisy which proved the beginning of a long illness that ended only with his death.