Sentence Examples

  • From there, you can pursue the pair of Halcyon goggles of your choice, taking advantage of the best deals you can find, and take your prescription along with your goggles to the optical shop or lab.
  • It may be wise to speak with your optician or directly with a representative from a local eyeglass lab in order to find out if they have experience fitting prescription lenses into Halcyon goggles.
  • Two other examples of outdoor furniture that require specific types of replacement parts are Samsonite steel framed furniture and Samsonite Halcyon aluminum furniture.
  • Halcyon goggles are made in the United Kingdom and are designed with the old fashioned goggles of the British Royal Air Force during World War II in mind.
  • There are so many styles of Halcyon goggles available, you should be able to find just the vintage look you're going for in a comfortable style.