Sentence Examples

  • The more important of their results are shown graphically in figs.
  • In his Life on the Mississippi he has recorded graphically his experiences while "learning the river."
  • 15.6 Tons 15.2 Tons steam-engine, representing graphically by a curve CPD the relation between the volume and pressure of the powder-gas; and in addition the curves AQE of energy e, AvV of velocity v, and AtT of time t can be plotted or derived, the velocity and energy at the muzzle B being denoted by V and E.
  • It is then that its characteristic roar is chiefly heard, as thus graphically described by Gordon-Cumming: "One of the most striking things connected with the lion is his voice, which is extremely grand and peculiarly striking.
  • This can be measured graphically without any knowledge of the law of variation of the surface temperature, or of the laws of propagation of heat waves.