Sentence Examples

  • The graphical method leads at once to the detection of such cases.
  • The treatment of an angle as generated by rotation, the investigation of the relations between trigonometrical ratios and circular measure, the application of interpolation to trigonometrical tables, and the general use of graphical methods to represent continuous variation, all imply an analytical onlook, and must therefore be deferred to this stage.
  • For instance, in the case 01 a beam in equilibrium under any given loads and the reactionf at the supports, we get a graphical representation of the distributior of bending moment over the beam.
  • But while we have yet to wait for that expansion of principal triangulation which will bring Asia into connexion with Europe by the direct process of earth measurement, a topobetween graphical connexion has been effected between Russian Russ/an and Indian surveys which sufficiently proves that the and deductive methods employed by both countries for the Indian determination of the co-ordinate values of fixed points so surveys.
  • Graphical They have long ago included the farther mountain surveys.