Sentence Examples

  • In an effort to counter the controversy surrounding the original Mortal Kombat, the sequel to the series introduced two new finishing maneuvers to accompany the gory fatalities: friendship and babality.
  • The adrenaline rush that some people get from watching scary movies is enough to entertain them, though many also enjoy the plot lines that go along with scary movies, or even the gory special effects.
  • Parents should also be concerned if they feel their child is developing unrealistic expectations about body image from television or is excessively attracted to and talks about imitating violent, gory events on television or in the movies.
  • As she bent to tie her shoes, a gory vision made her stagger.
  • When the world wasn't expressing sympathy for the old man, they were looking for details on Billie Wassermann, his butt-brand, and all the gory details of the fat twin's execution.