Sentence Examples

  • Adenocarpus Decorticans - A pea-flowering shrub, not common, with flowers like Gorse.
  • Like the Gorse and a few other shrubs of the Pea family, they delight in a dry, sandy soil, and when in flower, which is during several weeks in late summer and in autumn, they are pretty, their foliage being light and elegant.
  • Gorse Furze >>
  • The country neighbouring to Harpenden is very pleasant, including the gorse-covered Harpenden Common and the narrow well-wooded valley of the upper Lea.
  • At the present day, the woodlands are neither so large nor so numerous as they formerly were, while there are many more gorse covers; therefore, instead of hunting the drag up to it, a much quicker way of getting to work is to find a fox in his kennel; and, the hour of the meeting being later, the fox is not likely to be gorged with food, and so unable to take care of himself at the pace at which the modern foxhound travels.