Sentence Examples

  • But in five other directions also the frontiers were unregulated.
  • The emperor's chief work was guarding the frontiers and establishing military positions.
  • But long before that date the Order had begun to find that its true work lay on the eastern frontiers of Germany.
  • But of this we may be sure, that science, in obeying the law of humanity, will always labour to enlarge the frontiers of life."
  • This, with the exception of a brief tenure of Cremona (1499-1512), formed her permanent territory down to the fall of the republic. Her frontiers now ran from the seacoast near Monfalcone, following the line of the Carnic and Julian and Raetian Alps to the Adda, down the course of that river till it joins the Po, and thence along the line of the Po back to the sea.