Sentence Examples

  • Whether you'll looking for meal ideas for a backwoods hike or you need suggestions for how to feet a full troop of boy scouts, you'll find many great ideas on this site.
  • Ryan Merriman: Acting in films like The Colt, Rings, Final Destination 3, Home of the Giants, Backwoods, and The 5th Quarter, this talented young man has gained a small amount of stardom.
  • These boots will work well on developed trails and smooth terrain, but will also stand up to the rigors of less developed areas and some backwoods terrain.
  • Off-Trail Boots - Campers who enjoy true backwoods hiking over rough terrain can benefit from boots designed specifically for off-trail usage.
  • The transoceanic invasion progressed slowly through the 17th and ~8th centuries, delayed by the head winds of a rough ocean which was crossed only in slow sailing vessels, and by the rough backwoods of the Appalachians, which retarded the penetration of wagon roads and canals into the interior.