Sentence Examples

  • Equipping your sinks with faucet aerators can significantly reduce the amount of water and energy that gets wasted while rinsing dishes, washing your hands, or brushing your teeth.
  • After evaluating the drawings of your faucet, you may decide to stay with your present manufacturer, or even just repair the faucet you have by swapping out parts or components to fix a leak or improve the fixture's cosmetic appeal.
  • Faucet replacements and other plumbing tasks usually require a double wrench approach in which you use one wrench to hold a pipe securely and employ a second wrench to tighten or loosen the adjoining fitting.
  • Many of these websites also have accessories such as tiles, towels, bathroom finishes, faucet fixtures, and even candles, and aromatherapy equipment, to complete your bathroom makeovers.
  • If having a bathroom sink that you can fill with water is important to you, make sure you pick a bathroom faucet that allows you to control the drainage of water from the sink.