Sentence Examples

  • While previously, legwarmers were generally confined to ballet dance studios and were worn to keep dancers' muscles warm and loose, part of 80s fads and fashions included taking legwarmers out of the ballet class and into aerobics class.
  • As with many fads, professional men may not take part in sporting flashy attire, but men who pride themselves on setting trends and standing out are usually the ones who wear styles that are made to be noticed.
  • For example, one of the most popular '80s fads was fashion inspirations with super sex appeal, such as black lace and bustiers (courtesy of Madonna's influence) and off-the shoulder tops for women.
  • You can be a trendy shopper and outfit your toddler in the latest duds, but keep in mind that if you decide to put these clothes away for a future baby, extreme fads will be out of style by then.
  • Because most teen girls love to follow the current fads (and may read magazines geared toward them like Teen Vogue or CosmoGirl), they can be particular about what they wear.