Sentence Examples

  • Body Building For You - This website and many other health or fitness-minded sites offer Sensa reviews and other reviews to help readers avoid the pitfalls of a fad diet or find helpful products for their healthy lifestyle.
  • Many wrote the wild success of reality TV in the 2000s off as a fad, but hit reality show after hit reality show have proven that viewers have a huge appetite for seeing real people living real life in front of the cameras.
  • Many doctors believe that instead of focusing on a particular fad diet, those who have hypothyroidism should concentrate on avoiding foods and supplements that could affect the positive affects of their hormone medication.
  • Today, cut out monokinis are back with a vengeance, and although they seem to be selling out like hot cakes, it remains to be seen whether they become a staple of the industry or are once again relegated to fad swimwear.
  • It is tempting to fall for the idea of losing five to ten pounds fast, but when the lure of fast weight loss meets up with the reality of equally fast weight gain it becomes apparent that fad diets are not the answer for long term success.