Sentence Examples

  • This British-born entrepreneur still owns the Shabby Chic brand and will hopefully weather the storm to someday refurbish the name that has become synonymous with creative restoration, making what was once "shabby" into something "chic".
  • Summer time is easily the best time of year to pull this off, too - with the overall style being so free and relaxed, it offers an "anything goes" mentality that makes just about everything feel polished and chic under the blazing sun.
  • French country style also shares many similar elements seen in other Mediterranean decorating styles, such as Tuscan, as well as traditional and vintage elements seen in English country style design and cottage or "shabby chic" style.
  • Whether you're a bride who's selecting her bridesmaids' hairstyles or a member of the bridal party looking for a chic wedding day 'do, bridal party hairstyles should always be polished, but never take attention away from the bride.
  • It is possible that there are fake quilts being sold as authentic Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic products.If you've been considering buying a quilt from any of Rachel Ashwell's bedding lines, time may be running out for you to get one.