Sentence Examples

  • Attire: Find your dream wedding dress or get help choosing a dapper tuxedo at LoveToKnow Weddings, along with helpful information on choosing bridal party attire.
  • There was simply a new approach to fancy dress, and it's often said that men somewhat unenthusiastically donned dapper black tie attire for formal occasions.
  • Many men get comfortable with one tie knot style and stick to it all their lives, but if you want to learn new knots-to make your appearance more stylish and dapper at times-you can easily find directions for a variety of tie styles.
  • For example, the aforementioned Members Only jacket makes a great gift for the avid '80s aficionado, while a classic smoking jacket might please the dapper gentleman with a taste for luxurious garments.
  • A jacket and tie are not always included, but men who want to look dapper as they turn their ladies on the floor will often wear a full suit or even a tuxedo.