Sentence Examples

  • The extremest form of antagonism is pure scepticism or pure agnosticism, the assertion that nothing can be known.
  • This cautious compromise sanctioned by the Church does not represent the extremest reaction against nominalism.
  • To this Scotus opposed an indeterminism of the extremest type, describing the will as the possibility of determining itself motivelessly in either of two opposite senses.
  • The latter, at an early period, manifested not only that hatred of British connexion which was almost universal at the Burmese court, but also the extremest contempt.
  • Elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 1845, he became one of the extremest of the state rights Democrats of his section, emphasizing his principles in the legislature in the local and national party conventions, and in the columns of a newspaper, the Western Empire, which he edited at Dayton, Ohio, in 1847-49.

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