Sentence Examples

  • The chastisements of erring Jews are of short duration, and intended to recall them to duty.
  • Among the charitable institutions are the Home for the Friendless, the Buffalo, St Vincent's and St Joseph's orphan asylums, St John's orphan home, St Mary's asylum for widows and foundlings, and the Ingleside home for erring women.
  • King Ferdinand had been invited to Laibach, according to the circular of the 8th of December, in order that he might be free to act as "mediator between his erring peoples and the states whose tranquillity they threatened."
  • It would, I think, be hard to make her feel just how to pronounce DICTIONARY without her erring either toward DICTIONAYRY or DICTION'RY, and, of course the word is neither one nor the other.
  • These had an infinitely wider renown in their day, but modern criticism has restored the balance in his favour, and is even in danger of erring in the opposite direction.