Sentence Examples

  • Each legislative district of Baltimore is entitled tc -he number of delegates to which the largest county shall or may be entitled under the foregoing apportionment, and the General Assembly may from time to time alter the boundaries of Baltimore city districts in order to equalize their population.
  • Rock-filling yields and becomes consolidated under heavy pressure, and therefore does not furnish a rigid support of the overlying strata, but rather a cushion to control and equalize the subsidence.
  • 10 A screen of wire gauze, placed in front of the segment through which the fainter star is viewed, was, employed by Bessel to equalize the brilliancy of the images under observation.
  • The real effect of sortition was to equalize the chances of rich and poor without civil strife.
  • 12) tend to equalize the varying load on the engine due to the winding and unwinding of the rope.