Sentence Examples

  • He also has encyclopedic informations on cultural mores across the galaxy - just the droid you would want at your side to keep you from committing the odd destruction-of-your-race faux pas when dealing with aliens.
  • Favorite genres include sports, biographies, history, science, space, fact books, and encyclopedic volumes on certain topics, but you should always search with a clear idea of a child's primary interests in mind.
  • In addition to the general reference encyclopedias and encyclopedic references, you can find some excellent online specialty encyclopedias, especially science and computer references.
  • Exercise facts don't have to be boring, encyclopedic entries.
  • Between 1755 and 1756 he composed various articles for the Encyclopedic, and between 1757 and 1760 an article on Valeurs et monnaies, probably for the Dictionnaire du commerce of the abbe Morellet.