Sentence Examples

  • Until 1902 the legislature was the sole law-making body in the state, but on the 2nd of June of this year the voters adopted a constitutional amendment which declared that "the people reserve to themselves power to propose laws and amendments to the constitution, and to enact or reject the same at the polls, independent of the legislative assembly, and also reserve power at their own option to approve or reject at the polls any act of the legislative assembly."
  • Maine was the first state in the Union to enact a law for prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors.
  • An amendment giving women the right to vote was defeated, and among those adopted was one providing for the initiative upon special and local laws and parts of laws, and another giving cities and towns the exclusive right to enact or amend their own charters, subject only to the constitution and the criminal laws.
  • Apparently diocesan synods may still enact valid canons without the king's authority; but these bodies are not now called.
  • (Persons in the public service at the establishment of the Union cannot, however, be dispensed with because of lack of knowledge of either English of Dutch.) Other general provisions enact free trade throughout the Union, but the customs and excise leviable under the laws existing in any of the colonies at the establishment of Union remain in force unless parliament otherwise provides.