Sentence Examples

  • These 20 first-person narratives portray ordinary people in a language that makes glory of their lives.
  • In a Washington Post interview, Jeff Kinney said that he wanted to portray "the ultimate childhood" in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and outline a tale that was meant for adults to appreciate in the process of looking back at their own childhoods.
  • Each Christmas he teams up with his partner in crime, Marcus, to portray Santa and his trusty elf at department stores, a ploy that allows Marcus to case the store while Willie mangles every child's dream of meeting Santa Claus.
  • The question of who plays Julia on As the World Turns seems simple on the surface, but the two powerhouse actresses to portray these two different Julias left their mark on ATWT, in particular on the relationship of Carly and Jack Snyder.
  • Budapest, 1845), which portray an imaginary communistic colony in Central Africa.