Sentence Examples

  • Some embed a gem into the cross for added sparkle, while others use a semi-precious stone like onyx as a background for the Celtic cross . Still others include trinity knots and other common Celtic symbols on the ring.
  • More advanced gel candles, however, involve techniques used to incorporate more or fewer bubbles into the gel, embed objects, and combine whipped paraffin or soy wax to the top of the candle for special effects.
  • Any online calendar system that offers a widget to embed on your own web page would be perfect for keeping church membership updated about the latest upcoming church events.
  • The transparent nature of the gel allows for you to experiment with creative embed possibilities such as marbles, art glass, glitter, shells, metal charms, or gel cut outs.
  • Quite a few websites promise free computer fonts, but you have to sign up for an account and pay an annual or monthly fee, or the sites embed the font you are looking for within multitudes of fonts you have to purchase.