Sentence Examples

  • Consumers should be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers, because they may be counterfeit or pirated copies that will not perform properly, may implant viruses or other destructive programs into computers, or may simply not run at all.
  • In an interview with Us Weekly in October 2006, Reid shared her unsuccessful breast implant and liposuction surgery stories in hopes to warn others about the sometimes less-than-perfect results of cosmetic surgery.
  • The procedure is also not suitable for anyone with severe obstructive sleep apnea or apnea caused by other medical conditions.Sometimes, the tip of an implant may protrude through the tissue of the soft palate.
  • The net buzzed, and she tapped her implant to open her channel.
  • He tapped his personal net implant and murmured "Angel" to direct the implant in his brain to contact her.