Sentence Examples

  • Altogether it distributes about 2275 cub.
  • If the load is in the bay D'E' and is carried by a rail girder which distributes it to cross girders at D'E', the part of the influence line under this bay is altered.
  • The principal China market for shirtings and other staple goods is Shanghai, which holds a large stock and distributes to minor markets.
  • Here sulphur may indeed be removed to a very important degree in the form of manganese sulphide, which distributes itself between metal and slag in rough accord with the laws of equilibrium.
  • The principal of the clergy present then approaches and gives a palm to the celebrant, who then, in his turn, distributes the branches, first to the principal of the clergy, then to the deacon and subdeacon, and to the other clergy in order of rank, and lastly to the laity, all of whom receive the palms kneeling, and kiss the palm and the hand of the celebrant.