Sentence Examples

  • Temperatures radiates out a most brilliant white light.
  • The mother-idea of his poems, he says, is democracy, and democracy "carried far beyond politics into the region of taste, the standards of manners and beauty, and even into philosophy and theology" His Leaves certainly radiates democracy as no other modern literary work does, and brings the reader into intimate and enlarged relations with fundamental human qualities - with sex, manly love, charity, faith, self-esteem, candour, purity of body, sanity of mind.
  • The sandy soil quickly absorbs the sun's heat and also quickly radiates it, so that there is great daily variation in the temperature.
  • Xvi.) that, if for the sake of argument the solar atmosphere be taken as homogeneous in temperature and quality, forming a sheet which itself radiates as well as absorbs, the radiation which an unshielded ideal radiator at 6000° would give is represented well, both in sum and in the distribution of intensity with respect to wave-length, by another ideal radiator - now the actual body of ///4, *...
  • The mycelium produced from the spores dropped by the fungus or from the "spawn" in the soil, radiates outwards, and each year's successive crop of fungi rises from the new growth round the circle.