Sentence Examples

  • Ready cash could alone fill up the void; and it was to the hoards of native princes that Hastings's fertile mind at once turned.
  • In his case the ancestral hoards were under the control of his mother, the begum of Oudh, into whose hands they had been allowed to pass at the time when Hastings was powerless in council.
  • The west side of the palace contained a series of 18 magazines with great store jars and cists and large hoards of clay documents.
  • Traces of a large Roman camp may still be seen to the southeast of Wiveliscombe (Wellescombe, Wilscombe, Wiviscombe), which is near the line of a Roman road, and hoards of Roman coins have been discovered in the neighbourhood.
  • Eventually, he reasoned, the hungry hoards would overwhelm the beleaguered food supply.