Sentence Examples

  • Understanding what it means to suffer from compulsive hoarding can better explain the people who appear on the show, as well as anyone in your life that may have a hoarding disorder.
  • Other critics agree with Jon and take the argument a bit further to stay that with a role on Dancing With the Stars and a successful book, Kate Gosselin is likely to be hoarding funds away from the divorce lawyers and Jon.
  • The dragon a mythical creature best known for its reptilian appearance and its curious habits of abducting damsels, hoarding treasure and breathing fire on hapless knights is one of the most popular designs in tattoos.
  • Hoarding is a disorder that causes the afflicted to collect and store mass amounts of possessions, regardless of the functionality of the item or safety of the individual.
  • In recent interviews, Kate Gosselin has highlighted just how much debt she is in - and the critics have fired back with their opinion that she has been hoarding money.