Sentence Examples

  • For a time the money so withdrawn was hoarded, but after a while it found its way back again into the banks.
  • Often the word thus extruded is irrecoverable; Ginevra, 125 sqq., "The matin winds from the expanded flowers I Scatter their hoarded incense and awaken I The earth, until the dewy sleep is shaken From every living heart which it possesses I Through seas and winds, cities and wildernesses"; the second "winds" is a repetition of the first, but what should stand in its place, - "lands" or "strands" or "waves" or something else - no one can say.
  • We are told that a third of his revenue sufficed for the ordinary expenses of government, a third was hoarded and a third spent on buildings.
  • Nothing in the town would be standing, because the elite hoarded power and anything that would give them influence.
  • The total imports for1905-1906were valued at 822 millions sterling, including 14 millions of gold and silver, which are continually hoarded by the people of India.