Sentence Examples

  • " We shall face the future as our ancestors would have faced it, without disquiet, without arrogance, but in solid and inflexible determination."
  • The rulers of the provinces shared these views; the consequence was disquiet and confusion throughout the empire.
  • Similarly, though like other men he will be subject to bodily pain, this will not cause him mental grief or disquiet, as his worst agonies will not disturb his clear conviction that it is really indifferent to his true reasonable self.
  • A railway to the Zululand coalfields was completed in 1903, and in the same year a line The attitude of the natives both in Natal proper and in Zululand caused much disquiet.
  • The virtue of the consecrated candles in discomfiting demons is specially brought out: " that in whatever places they may be lighted, or placed, the princes of darkness may depart, and tremble, and may fly terror-stricken with all their ministers from those habitations, nor presume further to disquiet and molest those who serve thee, Almighty God " (Rituale Rom.).