Sentence Examples

  • If you're doing a video game console comparison, however, most die-hard fans of the first-person shooter genre will still prefer the dual analog control scheme offered by the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.
  • Over the course of the time that has passed between the Chronicles and The Underverse, apparently Diesel has been keeping die-hard Riddick fans abreast of what's been going on with the series while promising more movies to come.
  • Along with these physical characteristics, only dogs with the most dominant personalities have been selected for breeding, eventually resulting in animals with die-hard aggressive qualities who are willing to fight on command.
  • If you're a die-hard video game fanatic (or one of the slightly older crowd), you most likely cut your teeth on the big game cabinets found in restaurants, shopping malls and video arcades across the globe.
  • So whether you're a busy executive, an on-the-go mom, a die-hard shoe collector or just someone who likes the latest in shoe technology at affordable prices, Liz Claiborne is sure to have a shoe for you.