Sentence Examples

  • The following are good varieties, and new varieties are raised from time to time: Anna Turrell, General Garfield, Roi des Noirs, Triomphe de Liege, and the old H. peruvianum, which many like from its associations, if for no other reason.
  • The company went on to win several awards such as Geneva's Salon International des Inventions gold medal with honors, the Brussels World Inventions gold medal, and three awards at the 1977 New York International Inventors Expo.
  • Gloire des Versailles, Arnoldii, Lucie Simon, Theodore Froebel, Bertinii, President Reveil, Lucie Moser, and others, all of which have flowers in large plumy clusters, some white, others rose, but mostly of some shade of blue.
  • The Lido, another island in the lagoon, is Italy's most fashionable bathing resort, and some of its most famous hotels are found along the Lido Promenade (such as the Grand Hotel des Bains and the Grand Hotel Excelsior).
  • Champagne itself has five distinct wine producing districts: Côte des Blancs, Aube, Côte de Sézanne, Vallée de la Marne, and Montagne de Reims; however, the region is in flux.