Sentence Examples

  • Villon, his contemporary, may rather be ranked, so far as artistic form and use of knowledge are concerned, with poets of the middle ages, and in particular with the Goliardi.
  • Another version is the medieval romance in The Seven Wise Masters of In the edition printed by Wynkyn de Worde it is told by "the first master" - a knight had one son, a greyhound and a falcon; the knight went to a tourney, a snake attacked the son, the falcon roused the hound, which killed the serpent, lay down by the cradle, and was killed by the knight, who discovered his error, like Llewelyn, and similarly repented (Villon Society, British Museum reprint, by Gomme and Wheatley).
  • Both De Comines and Villon indicate the entrance of a new quality into literature.
  • Among his works of a more popular nature are La Poesie du moyen dge (1885 and 1895); Penseurs et poetes (1897); Poemes et legendes du moyen dge (1900); Francois Villon (Igor), an admirable monograph contributed to the "Grands Ecrivains Frangais" series; Legendes du moyen age (1903).