Sentence Examples

  • In 1673 a French expedition organized in Canada under Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet sailed down the Mississippi to the mouth of the Arkansas, and nine years later (1682) Rene Robert Cavelier, sieur de la Salle, reached the mouth of the river, took formal possession of the country which it drains, and named it Louisiana in honour of Louis XIV.
  • Long was therefore completed in 1900 to divert the Chicago river, a small stream that flows into the lake, into the head waters of the Des Plaines river and thence through the river Joliet into the Mississippi at St Louis.
  • Two years afterwards the upper course of the Mississippi was explored by Joliet and Marquette.
  • Fall between Joliet and Lockport, supplies Lockport with cheap power and has made it a manufacturing rather than a commercial city.
  • Marquette and Joliet, in 1673 and Hennepin in 1680.