Sentence Examples

  • Even papal delegates might be simple clerks (Van Espen, pars iii.
  • He was one of the delegates in 1789 from the Irish parliament to George, prince of Wales, requesting him to assume the regency as a matter of right.
  • Here it is sufficient to say that only nine of the forty-six delegates from the present state of West Virginia voted to secede.
  • When this " First Wheeling Convention" met, four hundred and twenty-five delegates from twenty-five counties were present, but soon there was a division of sentiment.
  • Some delegates favoured the immediate formation of a new state, but the more far-sighted members argued that as the ordinance had not yet been voted upon by the people, and Virginia was still in the Union, such action would be revolutionary, since the United States Constitution provides that no state may be divided without its consent.