Sentence Examples

  • Recycle your glass, paper, metal, and plastic products to reduce pollution, save trees, prevent wildlife habitat destruction, conserve energy and natural resources, and divert materials from incinerators and landfills.
  • Using a toaster oven to bake meals or re-heat leftovers can be a great way to conserve energy and save money on your power bill, especially if you prepare relatively small servings of baked foods on a regular basis.
  • These do-it-yourself kits help you customize your own personal rainwater collection system that allows you to conserve water and grow a more environmentally friendly garden or simply water your lawn.
  • Because of this, homeowners are looking for convenient, out-of-the-way appliances to conserve space, and that's exactly what this type of electric can opener does best.
  • The corn provides the beans a place to climb, while the beans provide nutrients to the soil and the squash shades the roots of the other plants, providing weed control and helping to conserve water.