Sentence Examples

  • Martin's" Recherches sur la vie et les ouvrages d'Heron d'Alexandrie disciple de Ctesibius et sur tous les ouvrages mathematiques grecs conserves ou perdus,publies ou inedits, 9ui ont ete attribues a un auteur nomme Heron "(Mem.
  • Rocquain, Napoleon Ier et le Roi Louis, d'apres les documents conserves aux archives nationales (Paris, 1875); Baron A.
  • Rio de Janeiro has manufactures of flour from imported wheat, cotton, woollen and silk textiles, boots and shoes, readymade clothing, furniture, vehicles, cigars and cigarettes, chocolate, fruit conserves, refined sugar, biscuits, macaroni, ice, beer, artificial liquors, mineral waters, soap, stearine candles, perfumery, feather flowers, printing type, &c. There are numerous machine o nd repair shops, the most important of which are the shops of the Central railway.
  • Deep greatly conserves the soil water below.
  • The imports include wheat, flour, Indian corn, jerked beef (carne secca), lard, bacon, wines and liquors, butter, cheese, conserves of all kinds, coal, cotton, woollen, linen and silk textiles, boots and shoes, earthenand glasswares, railway material, machinery, furniture, building material, including pine lumber, drugs and chemicals, and hardware.