Sentence Examples

  • Furs kept in such a condition are not only immune from the ravages of the larvae of moth, but all the natural oils in the pelt and fur are conserved, so that its colour and life are prolonged, and the natural deterioration is arrested.
  • " The law in Assyria was derived from Babylonia but conserved early features long after they had disappeared elsewhere.
  • Here also are conserved the remains of St Stanislaus, the patron saint of the Poles, who, as bishop of Cracow, was slain before the altar by King Boleslaus in 1079.
  • Idolatry is plainly incompatible with the law of Moses: so were Greek caps; but the Jews who conformed to Hellenism in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes acquired much that was conserved and utilized in that great attempt to convert the Greek world to Judaism, whose best monument is the works of Philo.
  • For example, in many coal regions the deposits have been conserved in some districts in the synclines or "basins," while they have been removed by denudation from the uplifted anticlines in others.