Sentence Examples

  • Clara swung it back and forth, clipping the grass off neatly with each stroke.
  • As it bears clipping well, it was formerly much used in geometric gardening.
  • In coins the " milling is the serrated edge, called " crenneling " by John Evelyn (Discourse on Medals, 1697, p. 225), which is formed on them to prevent clipping and filing.
  • Country; (3) the Octave of Easter, during which the newlybaptized wore their white garments, which they laid aside on the Sunday after Easter, known as Dominica in albis depositis from this custom; another name for this Sunday was Pascha clausum, or the close of Easter, and from a clipping of the word "close" the English name of "Low" Sunday is believed to be derived; (4) Eastertide proper, or the paschal season beginning at Easter and lasting till Whit Sunday, during the whole of which time the festival character of the Easter season was maintained.
  • Like the graining or " milling " on the edge of many coins, the inscriptions were intended to put a stop to the practice of clipping and filing coins, which was prevalent in the 16th and 17th centuries.