Sentence Examples

  • Each one is easy to maintain at home with minimal grooming supplies including a quality dog clipper with blades, blunt-tipped grooming scissors, gentle dog grooming products, a slicker brush, bristle brush and fine tooth metal comb.
  • Attachments/Accessories - Depending on your needs, you may want extra bells and whistles, such as additional sizes of clipper attachments, guide combs to create blended styling, a cape, or even a case to hold everything.
  • Wahl 79524 26-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit - powerful motor for cutting thicker hair, 10 guide combs, scissors, hair clips, cape, neck duster, storage box and how-to DVD included, $27.
  • You can get a clipper that works like a guillotine to cut the nail, or you can get a clipper that looks like a scissors that has a notch on one of the blades for the toenail to sit in.
  • Names like The Morning Star, The Monte Carlo, The Clipper, The Cottage and The Club were on the west side.