Sentence Examples

  • Whether or not he'll wear a tie and if it'll be a clip-on or a real choker, dapper blues or fun pastels, and if you'll let him get away with a pair of sneakers will all need to be taken into consideration well before the event.
  • Additionally, if you are searching for other magnifiers, you may want to take a look at the site's Hands Free and Clip-On Magnifiers category, as there are several different styles to choose from that may be of interest.
  • In the former, you'll find several nose pads for unique situations, for example, smaller sized plastic clip-on mounted nose pads or silicone covers that are designed to fit right over your existing nose pads.
  • Cocoon: According to their website, Cocoons clip-on eyewear is designed to have full UV protection, be scratch resistant, and is available in a range of sizes that fit 99% of prescipription glasses.
  • If these tips for fast hair growth just won't give you longer hair soon enough and you want longer hair instantly, consider hair extensions, clip-on hairpieces, or a wig for a quicker style change.