Sentence Examples

  • These could include a bottle, pacifier, bottle brush, bulb syringe, thermometer, nail clippers, pacifier holder, booties, etc. Blindfold the mom-to-be, and watch her try to guess each of the items as she picks one up out of the bag.
  • While casual coupon clippers may spend 10-to-15 minutes a week looking for coupons in the Sunday newspaper, the queen of couponing approaches clipping coupons with all the enthusiasm one would reserve for a professional sport.
  • No matter which of the As Seen on TV dog nail trimmers you choose, you'll likely find that the task of keeping your dog's nails trimmed will be much easier than when you were relying on standard clippers to do the job.
  • Both PediPaws and Peticure brand trimmers are cordless pet nail grinders that can effectively shorten and smooth a dog's nails without risking the pain and bleeding associated with traditional clippers.
  • Peg boards mount onto the walls of the garage, while repositionable hooks can hang clippers, rakes, wrenches and hammers, keeping them well organized while taking up hardly any room at all.