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A cutting instrument with two opposing blades, each having a looped handle, which are pivoted together in the middle so that they work against each other as the instrument is closed on the paper, cloth, etc. to be cut.
Webster's New World
A gymnastic feat or exercise in which the legs are moved in a way suggestive of the opening and closing of scissor blades.
Webster's New World
Webster's New World

(countable, plural in form, usually with a plural verb) A tool used for cutting thin material, consisting of two crossing blades attached at a pivot point in such a way that the blades slide across each other when the handles are closed.

Those scissors are sharp. (indicating singular or plural scissors)
That scissors is sharp. (less commonly to indicate singular scissors)
Scissors are used to cut the flowers.
Use a scissors to cut them if you don't have proper shears.

(countable, rugby) An attacking move conducted by two players; the player without the ball runs from one side of the ball carrier, behind the ball carrier, and receives a pass from the ball carrier on the other side.

They executed a perfect scissors.

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scissor.


Origin of Scissors

  • The current spelling, from the 16th century, is due to association with Medieval Latin scissor (“tailor"), from Latin carrying the meaning “carver, cutter", from scindere (“to split").

    From Wiktionary

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