Sentence Examples

  • The storm had knocked their sailboat cattywampus and it had slammed into the dock and taken on water.
  • There are many different kinds of sailboat ties available to children, and this introduction to neckwear for kids will allow you to select from the nostalgic styles to the dressy-serious patterns.
  • Realistic Sailboat Photo Ties: Sailboat photo ties are printed with a bold, realistic image of a sailboat on them, and they're possible to custom-order if you own a sailboat yourself.
  • Boys' sailboat neckties are a great switch from novelty and cartoon necktie designs, and they're a perfect way to trick your child into thinking that he's wearing something fun.
  • Printed Ties: A printed tie for children with sailboat pictures has the same cartoon qualities that children love on other novelty ties, but it's a little more sophisticated.