Sentence Examples

  • If you want to create a more modern style, you may choose to wear your side bang directly over one eye and ask your stylist for a peekaboo snip to carve a small space in your style.
  • If you can't donate your hair to cancer patients, there are a number of other ways you can help these worthy causes without making the snip yourself.
  • Often known to snip their own hair after a bad breakup, or color their hair just for much needed change, emo gals teach the world to take themselves a little less seriously.
  • Sweater shavers are small appliances designed specifically to safely snip away pilling from various types of fabric and yarn, restoring garments and other items that develop pills to like-new condition when used correctly.
  • You can always snip those pants to a shorter length if desired, but there is absolutely no way to add length to a pair of men's extreme short shorts.