Sentence Examples

  • On the 27th of January 1905, the largest diamond in the world, weighing 30254 carats, over 12 lb avoirdupois, was found in the mine and named the Cullinan.
  • The large Borneo stone, over 360 carats in weight, known as the Matan, is in all probability not a diamond.
  • At Mount Werong a stone weighing 29 carats was found in 1905.
  • A crystal weighing 23* carats was found in Virginia in 1855, and one of 214 carats in Wisconsin in 1886.
  • The following are some of the most famous diamonds of the world: - A large stone found in the Golconda mines and said to have weighed 787 carats in the rough, before being cut by a Venetian lapidary, was seen in the treasury of Aurangzeb in 1665 by Tavernier, who estimated its weight after cutting as 280 (?) carats, and described it as a rounded rose-cut-stone, tall on one side.

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