Sentence Examples

  • Lyrate or sub-lyrate horns in both sexes, and by the white of the buttocks not extending on to the haunches.
  • Reddish in summer and greyish in winter, with a long tail, which is coloured like the back above but white below, and is carried elevated when the animal is running, so as to form with the white of the inner sides of the buttocks a conspicuous "blaze."
  • Coast of Africa, takes its name from a mane of longish hair on the throat and neck; the hair on the body being also longer than in the ordinary long-legged sheep. This breed is frequently black or brown and white; but in a small sub-breed from the Cameroons the general colour is chestnut or foxy red, with the face, ears, buttocks, lower surface of tail and under-parts black.
  • WATERBUCK (Wasserbok), the name of a large South African antelope (Cobus ellipsiprymnus) belonging to the subfamily Cervicaprinae, characterized by the white elliptical ring on the buttocks, and the general reddish grey colour of the long and coarse hair.
  • The name is extended to include the sing-sing or defassa waterbuck (C. def assa), a wides p read species, without the white ring on the buttocks, and represented by several local races, one of which is foxy red while a second is greyish.