Sentence Examples

  • The name of the character can usually be found on the tush tag or you can search through the Beanies on eBay to match the one you have with one of the collectibles up for auctions.
  • Tush Push - Another Country Line Dance, this one bears a strong resemblance to the "Time Warp," because of the inclusion of a double pelvic thrust in the middle of each step.
  • If you get a chance to practice your heel walking for the contest, you can also demonstrate your amazing posture to make your tush and bust look perkier and more defined.
  • A First Christmas onesie with reindeer antlers on the tush probably will be a wardrobe choice you (and someday your child) may learn to regret.
  • Terressentials offers organic baby wash, massage oil, lotion, tush treatment, and a sampler pack that would make a great gift for a mom-to-be.