Sentence Examples

  • Frilled: Frilled shorts are not for everyone, but if you are a bit concerned that your derriere doesn't look as round or as curved as you'd like it, frills along the back of the short will definitely plump that area up in a delectable way.
  • The boy brief or boy short also eliminates the derriere seams of traditional panties, but can create awkward lines around the thighs; sometimes this result can make the legs look like stuffed sausages.
  • Coincidentally, that also meant they were focusing on "...every taut derriere muscle of each female Olympic beach volleyball athlete," according to Theresa Thomas of the The Catholic Exchange.
  • Keep in mind that the strings and elastic bands used in these swimsuits give you a bit of leeway in the size you choose, so sizing is actually more about how much derriere you want to bare.
  • Thongs provide less coverage than a panty and sacrifice the back portion of the panty in order to remove any visible lines that are created by the derriere seams of underpants.

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