Sentence Examples

  • The interest in vintage and retro lingerie never really goes away, but it has grown in recent years (shows like Mad Men probably do a lot to help) and the ability to buy vintage and reproduction lingerie online has grown exponentially.
  • A Little Lingerie Company: Not only can you buy vintage inspired lingerie, but you can also learn about retro styles and how the structure influenced the close fit, giving women the womanly shapes that were so popular at the time.
  • Whether you are looking for something frilly and retro for a special occasion or something that provides a comfortable fit and moves with your body throughout the day, you will find garments to suit your needs and personal style.
  • More remarkable is the "pinching" on either side of the hat; this effect has a very vintage-like appeal that contributes greatly to its popularity in the 21st century, particularly among those who favor retro style clothing and accessories.
  • With a retro style throughout, chrome accents, and a very cool body style outside and high technology inside, this light-weight travel trailer is an absolute dream for a single traveler who desires to live in comfort wherever they go.